Why Study History?

1. Why do we study History?

The answer to this question is very simple. Through the systematic study of History, we acquire reading comprehension, writing, comparing and contrasting, sequencing, analytical and critical thinking skills. Please be kind and follow this link to an article published by Dr. Peter N. Stearns from The American History Association. Read it, analyze it and tell me what you think.


According to the latest research the number one skill, employers are looking for is critical thinking; this is exactly what is developed through the study of History, amongst other skills.  Follow this link if you want to read this article


By studying History, we also acquire respect and tolerance for other cultures.  This is important because we live in a global society, where we are in contact with the rest of the world, and have information about the world immediately and continuously.  Business deals are conducted by multinationals all over the globe, with people that represent every corner of the earth.  The people that conduct those business deals are global citizens, who understand that cultural differences make us unique.  A person that has studied World History understands these differences are necessary and desirable.  We need to study History to create what Voltaire called “the citizen of the world”.

We also need to understand how the world has evolved through the use of technology.  History does a very good job to bring this forth.  Regardless of what many people say, the world has changed for the better thanks to technology.  Follow this link to watch this video


After you have watched the video and read both articles comment on them and reply to AT LEAST TWO of your classmates comments.


21 responses to “Why Study History?

  1. History is such an interesting subject and im very excited to see what happens later on during the year.

  2. This is a very interesting material Mr. Chavez
    People think that history is only a class but it is a great way of aquiring skills!!!

  3. Well..the video its interesting comparing todays technology and the past technology you can compare its difference..Studying history we acquire skills,learn about the past etc..

  4. Daniela Chavez

    History for me is important to understand past as many historians say and do! Thanks for the information!

  5. Jeimy Martinez

    History helps us acquire skills that we can apply in our future and in our jobs; we develop them slowly in our life and we don’t realize how important they really are.

  6. Jeimy Martinez

    The video red school house is really interesting because it shows us how the times are compared, my favorite part was when it showed that the world of kids depended on an iPod and not in school. We can use technology which is really helpful, but sometimes we take advantage of it by being lazy and using it to do everything for us.

  7. hi, I read the article. I now know why history is so important for me and my future professional life.
    I learn that I must look at the past for me to achieve my future.

    Well since Im the first I’ll wait to other classmate for me to pst the other 2 comments.

    Oscar 10″a”

  8. professional future sorry.
    I made a mistake

  9. fernanda Velez

    the articles were very intersting and the video shows real things that have change thanks to technology now in days.

  10. Gustavo Zuñiga

    We study History for many reasons one of them is that we have to learn from the mistakes people made on the past. We humans are supose to learn from errors. Another thing will be to learn from the past because we cant just forget them because we loose our originality!

  11. Well… I think that its important to study history because thanks to it, we can know more about other cultures from other countries and this can help us in our lifes for the future.

  12. Noris Castro

    If we study history, we can understand human changes and behaviors, looking for factors that happened in the past.

  13. Noris Castro

    The video I saw was interesting because it showed how history has evolved.

  14. Andrea Perez

    Studying History is important because we acquire or improve skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking and others that will help us become good business people. Since we are living in a world were technology is not only required but also essential we should know how to use it and history will also help us learn how to.

  15. Andrea Perez

    I think that the video from you tube was very interesting and it showed me that China will soon be the number one English speaking country in the world and they have a labor surplus. This means that they are hard workers, and we need to connect to our world because technology is not only about iPods, cell phones or other websites it is about making our world a better place by being what our country needs, hard and good workers.

  16. Thank so you much for teaching this course Mr. Chavez, you have an interesting blog here by the way, I personally like the part of developing skills in order to succeed, I know we are going to learn them in your course.

  17. Andrea Hernadez

    study history should be very important to all of us because it help us to know why things happen. History help us prevent us of doing mistakes and shows us the reason why it happens.

  18. Helen Andrea

    is important to study history because…it make us understand why we are here,how they pass,and how made them…History is very important for all of us…

  19. well the video is really interest because it was comparing and contrasting today’s world with what it used to be when there was no technology or advanced as it is now. Everything that is in the video is actually true. We only care about things that we won’t be needing to go to work that won’t help us to performed ourselves successfully and not just at work but sch0ol also. We should show more interest in trying to make the world we live in a better place but we”ll need some help from our teachers and parents. Are you guys willing to help?

  20. Elizabeth Pastrana

    I like this video…it shows to many realities
    like the population in certain areas, the technology that everyday is growing, and it shows the teaching ways of now and then.
    and it leaves you a very important message.

  21. Well what i understand is that using everything we use we are getting ready to big things in the futrue..but in order to do that our teachers have to star teaching us using all the new technology and not the old fashion!

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