Syllabus Desarrollo I Quarter

Desarrollo Socio-economico Syllabus II Quarter
Course Description
I hope you had a nice long vacation full of joy and fun!
The first half of this course focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, as well as reading, writing and collaborative learning skills. We are going to use all those skills to focus on another, understanding. By the end of this quarter you should be able to understand economic, historical, development and ideological concepts. That will be our focus; that is what you will be able to do and know. Of course, we will get into specific skills and knowledge, which will be discussed in the next segment.
Course Objectives
I have divided your course for this quarter into 4 big units or benchmarks. These benchmarks are:
1. Understand basic, complex economic concepts, why we study economics and how it affects our lives
2. Know the most important skills developed by the systematic study of History(critical thinking, reading comprehension)
3. Understand there is not one single criterion for the road to prosperity and development, and that development theories try to answer the question of, why are we poor?
4 Understand the ideological spectrum(anarchism, Communism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, Conservatism, Fascism)
These four units or benchmarks should be covered in about 81/2 weeks. I have also taken the liberty of including what we are going to be doing in each class period. 3 class periods a week for 81/2 weeks translates into 26 class periods, give or take a few. In education we call this a learning standard or pacing guide or jornalizacion(Spanish).

Learning Standard
1.1 Describe basic and complex economic concepts
1.2 Analyzes how Economics works and how it affects our lives
2.1 Knows why we study History
2.2 Knows the most important skills developed by the systematic study of History(critical thinking, reading comprehension)
2.3 Compares and contrasts Dialectical Materialism with euro centrism
3.1 Knows the four basic development theories(Zero Sum Theory/ Dependency Theory/Dialectical Materialism, Geographic Theory, Cultural Theory)
3.2 Knows the theories of the radical left(Zero Sum Theory, Dependency Theory, Dialectical Materialism)
3.3 Knows the Geographic theory attributes poverty and development to geographic conditions
3.4 Knows that the cultural theory attributes poverty and development to cultural matters
3.5 Knows the Liberty and Democracy Theory attributes poverty to legal empowerment or lack there of
4.1 Knows the differences between left, center-left, center, center-right and right in the ideological spectrum, radicals and moderates and understands what the term ideology means

4.2 Knows the ideas and beliefs held by Anarchists and that they are considered radicals
4.3 Knows the ideas and beliefs held by Communists and that communists are considered radicals
4.4 Knows the ideas and beliefs held by liberals, and that liberals are considered moderates; and knows the term liberal was first used to describe Libertarians
4.5 Knows the ideas and beliefs held by libertarians and that libertarians are considered moderates; knows in Latin America Libertarians are also labeled as Neo-liberals
4.6 Knows the ideas and beliefs of conservatives and that conservatives are considered moderates
4.7 Knows the ideas and beliefs of fascists, and that fascism started in the left of the ideological spectrum; knows fascists are considered radicals
If add up you will count 17 class periods. Remember to add 4 exams, which leaves at 21 class periods. I estimate 3 or 4 objectives will not be met as budgeted, meaning we might need more than a class period to reach or learning standard. This leaves at 24+ class periods
1. Guide to The Perfect Latin American Idiot. (Provided by the school)
2. Notebook
3. Pens, pencils and erasers.
4. Dictionary and Thesaurus ****Extremely important****

Course rules
1. All Freedom High school rules and regulations will be enforced in my classroom.
2. Bring all the necessary materials to class.
3. Absolutely no eating or drinking in class. This means, all food and drinks shall be thrown away or put away before entering the class.
4. Be in your seat and ready to begin class.
5. Follow directions.
6. Show respect for yourself and others.
7. I am all in favor of technology, but unless told otherwise keep your cell phones, TIs and IPODS away.

Essential Functions
1. Complete your homework.
2. Keep an organized notebook.
3. Follow directions.
4. Work effectively in groups.
5. Access the blog at luischa24.wordpresscom
6. Participate in class discussion.

Attendance and make-up policy
All homework assignments, and exams will be made up the following Thursday, as long as you bring an appropriate excuse. After this you will not be able to make up missed work.

Grading Policy (Weight)
Freedom High School already has a grading policy

25% Short quizzes (4)
20% Homework (2)
25% Class work
30% Final Exam (1)

Course Outline
I. Economics
II. History
III. Development Theories
IV. Ideological spectrum

I hereby declare I have read and discussed the syllabus with my teacher and my parents

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