Syllabus II Quarter

Desarrollo Socio-economico Syllabus II Quarter
Course Description
The second half of this course focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, as well as reading, writing and collaborative learning skills. We will use the platform of skills and knowledge you acquired in the first quarter to discuss the ideology of the authors, Latin American psyche, where does this psyche come from, Latin American profiles that encourage the development of this philosophy. More importantly, we will dissect the book that has influenced Latin American more than any other and where most of our ideas, lies and myths are collected.

Course Objectives
1. You will be able to understand the ideology of Carlos Alberto Montaner, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Mario Vargas Llosa and Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza.
2. You will be able to elaborate the basic profile of the average middle class Latin American and understand why the Latin American way of thinking is so engrained and steeped in the culture.
3. You will learn where this way of thinking comes from.
4. You will be read, comprehend and analyze the myths, lies and fallacies depicted in Open Veins of Latin America; how these fallacies have perpetuated Latin American myths on development, politics, government and economics.

1. Guide to The Perfect Latin American Idiot. (Provided by the school)
2. Notebook
3. Pens, pencils and erasers.
4. Dictionary and Thesaurus ****Extremely important****

Course rules
1. All Freedom High school rules and regulations will be enforced in my classroom.
2. Bring all the necessary materials to class.
3. Absolutely no eating or drinking in class. This means, all food and drinks shall be thrown away or put away before entering the class.
4. Be in your seat and ready to begin class.
5. Follow directions.
6. Show respect for yourself and others.
7. I am all in favor of technology, but unless told otherwise keep your cell phones, TIs and IPODS away.

Essential Functions
1. Complete your homework.
2. Keep an organized notebook.
3. Follow directions.
4. Work effectively in groups.
5. Access the blog at
6. Participate in class discussion.

Attendance and make-up policy
All homework assignments, and exams will be made up the following Thursday, as long as you bring appropriate excuse. After this you will not be able to make missed work up.

Grading Policy (Weight)
Freedom High School already has a grading policy

25% Short quizzes (4)
10% Homework (2)
45% Class work
20% Final Exam (1) December 15th

Course Outline
1. Foreword by Mario Vargas llosa
2. The Family Portrait
3. The Family Tree
4. The Idiot’s Bible
a. Are Europeans and Americans responsible for our poverty?/Are there countries that are natural born winners and countries that are natural born losers?
b. Are we (Latin America) the maid of the world?/Are taxes good?
c. Does fair price exist?/Is the financial system responsible for our poverty?
d. Is there a world wide conspiracy to keep us poor?/Is capitalism good or bad?
e. Is capitalism the weapon of imperialism? / Are Americans rich because we are poor and vice versa?
f. Does more people mean a better society?/Is the United States of America a declining superpower and is Cuba the future of the world?

I hereby declare I have read and discussed the syllabus with my teacher and my parents

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