Ideas and Content Rubric

Ideas and Content

5 It’s clear, focused, jam-packed with details, and holds the reader’s attention.

• My topic is small enough to handle.
• Interesting tidbits give the reader important information.
• Accurate details support the main ideas(s).
• You can tell I know a LOT about this topic.
• I’ve thought of the reader’s questions and answered them.
• This paper might even show some insight!

3 It has its intriguing moments, but the development is still basic or general.

• My topic might be a little too big.
• It could use more details.
• Ideas are clearer in my head than on the paper.
• My information seems pretty general rather than specific.
• The reader might still have some questions.
• I’ve stayed on the topic, but don’t really have a message.

1 I’m just figuring out what I want to say.

• I just don’t know about this topic yet.
• It’s hard to picture anything.
• I’m still thinking on paper – looking for an idea.


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