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Article Review

Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel Luis Chavez

Leonard Pitts August 24 2010

Miami Herald Desarrollo Socio economico

January 14 2010 Article Review

In this article Leonard Pitts talks about how hard it must be to be Haitian, because it seems Haiti is always suffering natural catastrophes. Haiti is always in the international spotlight for negative news, like political instability, hurricanes, tropical storms, and now the final blow, a colossal earth-shattering earthquake. Leonard Pitts talks about how our human condition allows us to get back on our feet after every disaster, and start from scratch. The problem , according to Pitts is, it seems it is always “Haiti’s turn”. It seems Haiti’s is always in line for the next catastrophe.

Pitts, outlines the major incidents that have hurt Haiti starting with French colonialism and human exploitation. He goes on, by providing with extreme precision the deaths caused by tropical storms Gordon, Jeanne and Alpha, and hurricanes Georges, Dennis, Wilma, Fay, and Gustav. To add insult to injury, 100,000 deaths were the initial estimate after this last tragedy. All these events seem to verify Pitts’ claims that it is always Haiti’s turn.

This is an excellent article to read, and I believe it is an excellent article to review, because Pitts is as good as they come. This article is filled with beautiful language, and more importantly it is heart wrenching.


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