Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Here it is folks.  Choose one invention for your 3 minute oral presentation.  Make sure you have a visual aid.  I will discuss the rubric with you guys during class. Just make sure you sign up with Carolina.  We start the oral presentations on Thursday January the 24th.

  1. 1711-The Steam Engine by Thomas Newcomen
  2. 1733- Flying Shuttle by John Kay

3.    1764- Spinning Jenny by James Hargreaves

4.    1769- The Steam Engine by James Watt

5.    1787 Water Powered Loom by Edmund Cartwright (power loom)

6.    1794 Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney

7.    1804 steam locomotive by Richard Trevithick

8.    1810 printing press by Frederick Koenig

9.    1819 electromagnet by William Sturgeon

10.  1829 typewriter by William Austin Burt

11.  1830 sewing machine by Barthelemy Thimonnier

12.  1831 reaper by Cyrus H. McCormick

13.  1831 electric dynamo by Michael Faraday

14.  1834 wrench by Solymon Merrick

15.  1836 revolver by Samuel Colt

16.  1841 stapler by Samuel Slocum

17.  1845 pneumatic tire by Robert William Thomson

18.  1853 manned glider by George Cayley

19.  1857 sleeping car by George Pullman

20.  1861 bicycle by Pierre Michaux

21.  1866 dynamite by Alfred Nobel

22.  1868 tungsten steel by Robert Mushet

23.  1868 air brakes by George Westinghouse

24.  1876 internal combustion engine by Nicholas August Otto

25.  1880 light bulb by Thomas Edison

26.  1884 steam turbine by Charles Parson

27.  1892 diesel engine by Rudolf Diesel

28.  1893 zipper by L.L. Judson

29.  1895 motion picture by Lumiere brothers 



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