My Buddy, Government, and

Every head is a different world, so the saying goes, and that is especially true with wants and needs. What women want is different that what men want. What adults want is going to be very different than what their kids might want. What Pepe Lobo wants might be very different than what Mel Zelaya wants, and what you want for that matter. We all want different things, at different times and in different places. That is just human nature. That is the case of my best friend and I. What he really wants is to have success in his new enterprise. i know he wants this really bad, because I have seen how much time and effort he has put into it. He is fully devoted on making his business work. But that is not what I want. all I want is to save enough for my kid´s college education and my retirement. All my energies will be devoted to this for the next couple of years. Wants are different, and this is good, because every head is a different world.


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