11th Grade

Welcome to the 11th grade Socio Economic Development course!   We have already read three to four chapters from the book.  We should be able to handle the ABCs of government, religion, ideologies and development theories.  We should already have ideas on the main thesis of the class, which is, Why Are We Poor?  By the end of the course we should be able to express ideas in writing, orally, and comprehend Latin American reality without the usual left wing prejudices so common in Latin America!


3 responses to “11th Grade

  1. marthazeron

    Keeping up with best practices is what allows you to know when is time to change. Kudos for you! I tried to post a comment throught the Blackboard and it didn´t work, I guess I have to be logged in to be able to post acomment. I am enjoying this!

  2. It looks promising!! I am sure your students will definitely improve achievement by using this tool.

  3. mr chavez i cant’ find the 3 minute video about moral relativism you talked about in class.

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