10th Grade

Welcome to the 10th Grade level Socio Economic Development course!  We will get started with the ABCs of government, ideologies, development theories etc.  We will start using the book sometime between the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter.  We will use a bunch of skills like writing, reading comprehension skills as well as computer skills.


24 responses to “10th Grade

  1. sounds interesting…! hope ur class.. not to be boring!!!

  2. interesting!!!

  3. I hope this class be interesting and see movies

  4. Gabriela Cardona

    I hope this year for this course we get to visit a diversity of interesting sites to understand and comprehend as much as we can!!!

  5. I think taht this class is very interesting and I hope that it gets better as the year passes by.

  6. I would like to get things started Mr. Chavez.

  7. Yiselle Perez

    This class it is important because we develope our critical thinkings skills, help us understand change, reading and writing skills and respect others culture. But mostly will help us in our future.

  8. It also help us understand people and society,technology,developments of cause and effect. We learn about our ancestors and at the same time learn more about them and that way we try not to make the same mistakes they made.

  9. Daniela Chavez

    thanks Mr. Chavez I hope I can learn with all the skills that we are going to study in DSE subject!

  10. I think is important to study history because we know about other cultures , and also in the class we applied the critical thinking and it can help us any time .

  11. Gabriela Cardona

    I’m really excited to start my new this course!!!
    I think it will help me succeed in life, even though I have no plans for my future…

  12. Jeimy Martinez

    I hope this new course can help me develop new skills that I haven’t discovered yet…It’ll be great!

  13. Well,I love the idea of having a great year. I believed that ew are going to developed our writing,reading comprehension skills as well as computer skills. Classmates enjoy this new year!!!

  14. fernanda Velez

    thanks for opening a blog for our class,this will helps us alot!

  15. I think that the class will be interesting.. because we will study things.. like politics, the econimic that all the cuontries have.

  16. I think that the class will be interesting.. because we will study things.. like politics, the econimic that all the countries have.

  17. Andrea Perez

    I believe that in this course we will improve our skills which will help us become great business people anytime in the future. I also hope that we can have fun learning, sharing and interacting with others.

  18. Noris Castro

    History is something necessary at school, because we acquire skills that can help us in our future.

  19. Congratulations for your blog Mr. Chavez. It seems this is the best way of learning and I hope we continue studying like this. Let me tell you that your class is interesting.

  20. Marlon Ramos

    Well its a very nice blog and i think its a good way to learn this things in here. For me this class would help alot because i will develpoed my critical thinking skills and i will aply them at the future.

  21. fernanda velez

    I love your class ! nice movies..we learn alot

  22. Today you really showed to us that you really fight for your goals and succefully achieve them. Last year you said, and I quote ” Technology is a great tools, maybe next year you will be using laptops”. Unfortunately for me, I dont have a laptotp however to the ones who do have, it will be a great advantage. I think this course will be pretty interesting. Finally us will be able to take our political opinion based on what ideologies we know and facts and not what media makes us believe. Thanks 🙂

  23. Jesus Abifaraj

    I really like your class Mr. Chavez. I hope we learn more about goverment and watch some more videos on your class.

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